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Hawaiian flower Art by Warren Rapozo, www.rapozo-studio.com - bath and body works perfumes bath & body works perfume bath and body lotion aromatherapy essential oils perfume massage oil skin care

Hawaiian Art Prints & Paintings
by Warren Rapozo

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These natural perfumes are made in Hawaii with the finest ingredients available. The Hawaii perfumes and body oils provide and can be used for aromatherapy, essential oils, perfume, massage oil, and skin care. They contain vitamin e, organic essential oil, jojoba oil, and enfleurage, providing serious skin care. These are natural skincare products.

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Aloha! These exquisite Maui Flower Butter Natural Perfumes have been created solely from the world's most aromatic flowers, plant resins and oils to be used as your bath and body works. Wild crafted flowers, herbs and spices create the tropical scents in these bath and body lotions. The Butter base consists of the purest grade of organic Jojoba oil, vitamin E and Maui beeswax, including my own enfleurage, using many of Maui's most fragrant flowers.

Maui Flower Butters may be worn as a perfume, be mixed with your favorite fragrance free, body lotions and facial moisturizers. They can be added to your favorite massage oil. Giving or receiving a massage using these Butters is the most wonderful experience, both for the masseuse as well as the client. Use for anointing the chakras, and for meditation. There is nothing like them in the world.

Using the plant life in this manner, allows the soul of the plants to share with you their gifts of perfection. Enjoy!!!

 Maui Sunshine - Signature Blend Exquisite island blend, a lei in a jar. Formulated using the most beautiful scents in the world, using the most fragrant and rare flowers such as Jasmine, orange flower, pink lotus and many more. We call it a lei in a jar. $100.00


Organic and Wild crafted Flowers, Plant Oils, Waxes and Resins, and Maui Flower enfleurage, in a base of Organic Maui Beeswax, Organic Jojoba oil and Vitamin E.

100% All Natural Flea & Tick Control


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