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Maui Sunshine

Amber Blend



Jasmine Flowers


Rose Damascena

Rose Geranium

Ylang Ylang

Signature Blend
Maui Sunshine


Maui, Hawaii
*Maui Flower Butter perfumes are sold in 1/4 ounce glass jars.

Maui Sunshine - Signature Blend Exquisite island blend, a lei in a jar. Formulated using the most beautiful scents in the world, using the most fragrant and rare flowers such as Jasmine, orange flower, pink lotus and many more. We call it a lei in a jar. $25.00
Amber Blend
Known as the King of Scents. Amber is calming, meditative and spiritually uplifting. The indescribable fragrance, helps to open the heart and consciousness through the deepening of theta brain wave states. Both men and women will delight in the fragrance of Amber. This is a aromatic blend of amber resin, herbs and spices from India These receipes are family treasures handed down for countless generations they are a well kept secret. $17.00
One of the oldest scents known to mankind. Long been attributed with spirituality. It's centering aroma slows the nervous system and promotes feeling of calm and encourages deep, rhythmic breathing and a relaxed state of mind. Great for aging skin and wrinkles. $17.00

Jasmine Flowers
In India these wonderful flowers are called "Queen of the night" or moonshine in the garden. The Jasmines influence the emotional part of us. This fragrance penetrates and diminishes fear. Helpful in recapturing self-confidence. It also increases intuitive powers, is great for dry, irritated or inflamed skin, balances the hormones and is a wonderful aphrodisiac. $17.00
Stimulates white blood cell formation and strengthens the bodys defenses. Good for all skin types, but particularly good for dry skin. Encourages the development of new skin tissue. Excellent for bee and wasp stings. May also be good for headaches, wounds, eczema, boils and so much more. $17.00

Neroli Has always been one of the most expensive and revered oils. One ton of flowers is needed to produce 1 quart of oil. It has powerful psychological effects. It is helpful for treating depression and is used in a similar way as "rescue remedy". May also be beneficial for anxiety and shock. Neroli is a natural tranquilizer. It also has regenerative properties for the skin. All skin types, sensitive and inflamed skin, aging skin and broken veins may benefit. $24.00

Rose Damascena The Rose is the "Queen of Flowers." Rose has a deep psychological effect. Affects the heart chakra. Rose balances the nervous system, helps with postpartum depression. is good for all skin types, especially dry, inflamed skin, Rose is gentle enough to be used by people with skin allergies, great for baby skin care. $17.00

Rose Geranium Great for emotional balancing of the mind and body. Its strength lies in the ability to regenerate tissue and nerves and may assist in balancing hormonal problems. It may be useful in promoting concentration. Improves the complexion. It is wonderful for the skin, offering relief from congested oily and dry skin. Has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system, helping the body dispose of waste. $17.00

Ylang Ylang Sometimes called the "Flower of flowers". This fragrance stimulates the part of the brain that produces endorphins. Has antidepressive properties. Calming and antispasmodic. Has the ability to relax facial muscles, ease tension etc. Very beneficial for for all skin types, especially oily skin. It softens and smoothes the skin due to the plant hormones present in the oil. $17.00

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